You can sell a wide variety of products and services online. It can take a bit of time to build a website and attract visitors. Don’t worry: There are existing services that can help while only taking a small commission. Here are five websites that help you earn extra income:


Etsy is a website that helps people sell their crafts, handmade items, and their vintage wares. When you sell on Etsy you build your own store, list your items, and start making money.


Amazon lets you sell back used items. You can sell used books, of course. You can also sell back electronics, DVDs, computers, software, gaming systems and much more.


eBay is the most recognizable auction site. It allows you to sell items you have stored in your attic, basement, and items that you find at garage sales too. You can create your own eBay stores or become an eBay affiliate and build a niche store too. Some people even use eBay to sell their information products.


If you enjoy baking, cooking, or making confections you can sell your delicious wares on Foodzie. Much like Etsy, Foodzie allows people to sell the food they make. You can sell anything from candy to ketchup. Also like Etsy and eBay, Foodzie takes a small commission on each sale you make.


Gazelle is one of many websites that buys back used electronics. They also buy back DVDs, software, gaming systems and other related devices. It’s a popular and well-used site. It’s been highlighted in mainstream media.

These are just a few fast cash ideas. There are so many more!

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