Freelance Your Skills and Experience

Working freelance can take courage, but that shouldn’t stop you from moving ahead. If you have gained skills as an employee, you can translate your skills and experience into a freelance career.

If you are currently employed, don’t just quit your job. Think things through and work at home in your spare time. For a smooth transition to freelancing full-time, consider the following points:

* Have a plan: If you are going to be your own boss, you need a plan of action. Know your target market and how to reach them. This might include starting a website, creating a marketing plan and saving some money to be able to pursue your business venture. Without a definite direction to begin with, you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

* Have an emergency fund. If you are leaving a job to start a business, there will be a cut in pay until you get going. Creating an emergency fund ensures that you bills can be paid while you pursue your interest. Also have some money to devote to business start-up costs, if applicable.

* Offer a free sample: For new clients who arent too sure about you, offer a discount or free sample of your work for them to scrutinize. If they like what you have done, they may hire you. It is a gamble, but one that is backed by your skills.

* Investigate online job sites. Sites like offer work for writers, computer software creators and other creative professions. Just Google “freelance job sites” to start your research. You may have to start low as far as hourly rate, but that will change as you build reputation and writing credits.

* Network with clients: After you have done work for someone, keep in touch with them. Send them emails about new services you are offering. Staying in touch is good customer service.

* Join niche forums and blogs: Follow what others in your field are doing. But, don’t just read the blog – participate in discussions. This is how you can make useful connections with others to find opportunities to grow your business.

Freelancing your skills and experience is not easy. It takes dedication and a good plan to get started.

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