How To Get FREE Kindle eBooks

If you love to read and love free things even more, you will really want to read this.

Do you realize that there are hundreds of Kindle ebooks that you can download and read for free?These books include fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business topics, parenting — all categories are represented. The list changes everyday.

In the past month, I’ve downloaded free books on every topic that interests me. Besides reading a lot of great fictional books, I’ve learned about crockpot cooking, dieting, getting organized, building a WordPress website, social networking, working online, and so much more.

It is fun to “go shopping” without spending one cent. And, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also read fictional books that I might not have read if I had to pay for them.

You don’t need a Kindle reader.

You don’t need to buy a Kindle reader to be able to read an Amazon Kindle ebook. You can download free apps that allow you to read on your computer, your iPhone or iPad, your Android phone, or your iPod Touch. I own a Kindle reader, but I prefer to read my ebooks on my laptop and on my iPhone when I am out.

Why are so many books available for free?

While some of these titles are always free, many authors offer their books for free for up to three days per month. This is a marketing technique. The more downloads of a particular title, the higher the book rises in popularity – and the more likely it is that Amazon will show the book to those looking for that topic. Authors also hope to get more reviews for their books from the people who get to download them for free. (This is a good tip for any aspiring Kindle authors.)

This is why the books are free, but that doesn’t really matter if you are looking for a great book without paying one cent.

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Starting today, I will be providing links to the best Kindle books available that day. If you go to the site, you can also sign up for the Free Kindles mailing list and get an email each day. A link to Amazon’s free reading apps for your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone and more can be found in the sidebar.

So, have fun, learn a lot — and let me know if this changes your life as much as it has changed mine!

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