The Work-at-Home Secret (You Already Know)

If you’ve been trying to find a way to make money at home, you might be very confused. I have a secret to tell you:  Finding a good way to work at home can be less complicated than you think.

You know what it feels like to pick up a screaming, hungry and wet baby and meet her needs. You know exactly what you need to do. As you put your sweet-smelling, sleeping and content little one down for a nap, you have accomplished your goal…and you knew exactly what steps to take to make that happen.

This kind of step-by-step knowledge is all that is necessary when you are searching for a way to earn at home. Just about everything you want to accomplish in life has been done successfully by someone else. That is true for working at home, baking a cake, growing vegetables…anything that is done successfully every day. All you have to do is find out the directions and follow them.

OK, maybe it isn’t quite that easy. You do need a few other things. You need information. You need focus. And, you need the courage to begin.

You also need to find a trusted resource that can give you information you know you can trust. Mothers’ Home Business Network – and our website – has been that trusted resource for 29 years! We were the first organization to help moms work at home.

Whether you want to start a home business, freelance, or find a work-at-home job, You can take your first step, and the next, and the next – with us by your side.

Remember this: Everything we recommend, everything we write, can be trusted, and we take that pledge very seriously.

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Turn Desperation Into Inspiration

You want to work online, but you just can’t find an idea that works for you. You need a little inspiration, but all you feel is desperation. The harder you try, the more you frustrated and desperate you feel. It seems like everyone else gets great ideas, but you come up empty.

Desperation usually creeps up on you after you have been sitting in front of the computer, racking your brain for hours, or trying to come up with at least one, little idea.

If this describes you, don’t despair! You can turn desperation into inspiration by using these 5 easy techniques:

1. Figure out what works for you. Does a noisy environment help to stimulate your creativity, or do you need to be alone in a quiet room to think? Do you do your best work in the morning, when you feel refreshed and recharged? Or, do your creative juices start running after midnight? Figure out the best time and place that will maximize your attention and creativity, and then make that happen.

2. Step away. If you have been trying to find inspiration and are at a loss, try stepping away from your project and focusing your attention on something else. A clear mind sees things that an overstressed mind does not. When you go back to your work, you will be looking at it with fresh eyes and may think of something you wouldn’t have thought of before.

3. Ask for support. Ask a friend, mentor, or your spouse to take a look at what you have been working on, and see if they can offer any suggestions. But, if you ask for help, be ready and willing to hear some constructive criticism. You could also join a brainstorming group of creative people. You help them with their projects and they will help you with your. Once you start talking to others about your project, more ideas can start to flow.

4. Try something different. Working with a different medium or in a different environment may also help trigger some ideas. For instance, if you happen to be stuck on a writing project, and you normally use a computer, break out the pen and paper and start writing that way. If you normally sit at your desk, try working at the kitchen table or print out the work you have completed so far and head to the couch. Simply looking at your work printed out on paper may give you some different ideas.

5. Be prepared. Inspiration can strike at odd times — when you are taking your morning shower, driving the kids to school, standing in line at the grocery store, or even while you are trying to fall asleep. All of a sudden, an idea comes to you and you feel sure you will remember it. You almost never will. Be sure to write it down. Put it into your cellphone, keep a notebook…whatever works for you. Before you know it, you will have a whole list of ideas on which you can take action.

When you start to feel desperate, remember these words: “Sometimes that mountain you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand. What you’ve been out there searching for is already in your hand.”

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You can sell a wide variety of products and services online. It can take a bit of time to build a website and attract visitors. Don’t worry: There are existing services that can help while only taking a small commission. Here are five websites that help you earn extra income:


Etsy is a website that helps people sell their crafts, handmade items, and their vintage wares. When you sell on Etsy you build your own store, list your items, and start making money.


Amazon lets you sell back used items. You can sell used books, of course. You can also sell back electronics, DVDs, computers, software, gaming systems and much more.


eBay is the most recognizable auction site. It allows you to sell items you have stored in your attic, basement, and items that you find at garage sales too. You can create your own eBay stores or become an eBay affiliate and build a niche store too. Some people even use eBay to sell their information products.


If you enjoy baking, cooking, or making confections you can sell your delicious wares on Foodzie. Much like Etsy, Foodzie allows people to sell the food they make. You can sell anything from candy to ketchup. Also like Etsy and eBay, Foodzie takes a small commission on each sale you make.


Gazelle is one of many websites that buys back used electronics. They also buy back DVDs, software, gaming systems and other related devices. It’s a popular and well-used site. It’s been highlighted in mainstream media.

These are just a few fast cash ideas. There are so many more!

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